We grow up learning poems and songs about how school is our second home, about how teachers are our second parents. We spend seven hours a day in a classroom learning to become responsible citizens of the future, and then, when the bell rings, we rush to the playground waiting for a family member to pick us up to take us back to our first home; our real home…

But what happens to those of us who have lost a father or a mother? After all, “home” is not a set of bricks and woods. Just like home is in the arms of those who have pledged to protect us, home is also where our education is.

“Hayda Baytak” is an NGO that was created in honor of a friend who passed away in 2014. Inspired by his will to overcome the tragic loss of both his parents and his exceptional love for education, a group of classmates and friends founded this NGO later that year.


An NGO that provides scholarly assistance to students who have lost either or both parents.

The NGO seeks to extend support to students who have suffered immeasurable loss, in the hope of providing them with a brighter future.


  • Assist students who have lost either or both parents, and who have no other means of paying their tuition fees, by providing these fees for them OR the funds for other scholarly fees.
    N.B. The services we provide solely cover the funds for the services, and NOT the services themselves.
    However, we can assist in looking for the right provider for each service, if needed.
  • Help, on the long run, these students in decisions related to their educational path, of course with the aid of volunteers specialized in the field.
  • Raise awareness on the importance of education and the cases that are present in Lebanon, and the methods of helping/contributing.


We are a group of friends who were mobilized, after the tragic loss of a classmate, to put his aspirations into practice by helping afflicted students.
Our group is made up of friends and classmates, and aims to further collaborate with volunteers and experts in the field to make our mission possible – and successful.


  • Gather funds through various means including, but not limited to:
    - Crowdfunding
    - Fundraising events
    - Individual contributions
  • Liaise with the offices of financial aid of various Lebanese schools.
  • Liaise with experts in the field, who could provide the students with a psychological as well as a pedagogical follow-up.
  • Conduct seminars and workshops revolving around the importance of good education, to help students in their academic pursuits.


As an NGO, we solely rely on donors and fundraising events to support our cause. That is why we need continuous aid to carry on with our line of work.

It is thanks to our many fundraisers, donors and sponsors, that so far, we have been able to:

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